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Hi!  I'm Nancy and I am the maker behind IVY + SOY.  I am so glad you found my little biz! Everyone has a story as to why and how they ended up where they are, so here is mine.

I am a mom of two and I aim to please;  so much so that I lost myself in the process.  I realized one day, I had nothing "just for me".  I set out to find something, a hobby or a passion, something where it was just about me.  I tried my hand in candle making, I loved how calm I felt, I loved creating.

I knew I wanted a clean natural burning candle, one that I would feel safe burning in my home (as my son has eczema).  I researched a lot and realized how important it is that I chose something that was sustainable and clean burning, and thus why I chose to create candles using soy.

Soy can be a difficult wax to work with, but it was important for me to choose a soy that was not a blend and did not have additives.  There were many moments that I wanted to give up and thanks to my husband's support and my kids watching eyes I knew I couldn't.  The wax is 100% pure soy, nothing more, nothing less.

Fast forward to now, I feel happy that I found "my thing" and I am even happier to share it with you all.  For the first time in a long time, I feel excited and energized.  Thank you for visiting, your support means the world to me.